About us

Hi, my name is Dana McDonald and along with my wife Corinne, I am the owner of this small company. I have been building terrain since I was in grade school starting with rocks and twigs in the back yard for my toys. When I was older, I stumbled upon miniatures and found the creative outlet for my love of building, which solidified and expanded when I was introduced to the world of Warhammer. I love miniature games, but I find myself more excited about building the terrain than I do about playing the games, and I certainly spend more time building and painting terrain than playing! After years of experience doing this I am excited to be able to share my product, twenty years in the making, with all of you who share a passion for miniatures.

Our structures are built out of very detailed panels that are made of high quality resin which makes them very sturdy. We use resin because, as opposed to plaster or foam, it does not chip, it is tough and it holds the fine detail. While a measure of care should be employed while handling, our buildings can certainly survive even the most vicious of battles.